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Incentives for Avalanche stakers

How to stake Avalanche AVAX?


Access or create your Avalanche wallet at:



Make sure to have AVAX tokens in your P-Chain wallet. If needed, swap between chains.


To delegate your tokens, go to Earn and click on Add Delegator.

Search for NodeID-EkvXF2Sxi5XcHnscti1kYzdVCUA3WhdFW to stake with us, and click on select.

Choose how long you prefer to lock your tokens and the amount of AVAX to delegate.

You can also input a different address to send the staking rewards to. By default, they go to your current address.

Submit and confirm the transaction to start staking and earn rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

Avalanche is an open-source blockchain ecosystem with a focus on finance.

Developers can build decentralized applications, financial primitives or even customized subnets which are interoperable with other blockchains.

The minimum stake required for delegators is 25 AVAX.

The minimum amount of time for delegations is 2 weeks.

The maximum amount of time for delegations is 1 year.

Yes, your funds never leave your wallet. Only you keep possession of the keys.

Rewards are paid at the end of the staking period.

We are a staking service provider with a focus on community engagement. We build software, tools, and other cool stuff. We offer a degressive fee program and a free lottery to our stakers.

We are supporting Avalanche since testnet

We know how Avalanche works. We ran Denali and Everest nodes to understand every detail of how to run a reliable validator for Avalanche.

We support the AVA community since day 1. Our guides helped others set up their nodes. Our scripts to launch and deploy nodes were used 502 times by 274 unique users during the Denali testnet.

We help educate the community. Our case study on the Denali testnet was published on our Medium and Hackernoon.

Join 740 stakers that already trust us

Our Fantom and LTO nodes are among the top nodes within the respective networks. The community stakes around $6,000,000 in FTM and LTO tokens with us. We’re the #1 validator by stake on LTO Network and the 4th largest community validator on Fantom.

You’ll get the maximum rewards — 12% APY

We’re staking our funds for one year. This means that you’ll be able to stake your tokens for one year as well — or less, of course –, to maximize your returns. Other validators may opt for a lower self-staking period, which means lower rewards for you as well. As always, DYOR. Cheaper fees don’t always mean higher returns.

You’ll get the ABLK token

Our stakers will receive the ABLK token. You can trade it or redeem it for AVAX at the end of the staking period. Why? You’ll be liquid even if your AVAX is locked! And also, it will allow us to run community incentives. More details in the next weeks!

10% fee, fixed forever. Yes, we’re not gonna raise it. Or lower it.

Running validator nodes can get expensive. We optimized our processes, and we’ll offer a 10% fee for our stakers.

Unlike other validators that might have to raise their fees in the future to keep up with sustainability, we will never raise it. 10% of your rewards is all you’ll ever pay, staking with ablock.

We also fully dissociate from the low-fee game that other validators might want to entertain. Running low-fee validators is extremely bad for decentralization. Avalanche is a great network that thrives with many nodes. We support that vision.

You’ll receive bonuses

We’ll bring our special community programs to Avalanche. These include:

  • Referral program: Earn rewards for referring new stakers.
  • Free giveback lottery: Every day, lottery winners will receive a part of the fees generated by our node.
  • Degressive fees: The more you stake, the lower your fee.
More details will follow soon.